President's Message

SPANZA continues to grow its membership and foster strong relationships nationally across its two nations and internationally.

SPANZA continues to look outwards and foster relationships with other groups that have similar aims to our organization or have overlapping domains of interest. In this regard SPANZA signed a memorandum of agreement with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) and the Australian Society of Anaesthetists in 2012. This memorandum is facilitating the exploring of roles that these organizations have and ways in which we can support one another in achieving the goals of each organization.

A strong focus of both the membership survey and our mission statement is the priority to advocate for appropriate standards of care in anaesthesia, pain management and peri-operative care of children. Both at an executive level and a membership level we have been seeking and achieving engagement of all anaesthetists who care for children. This has resulted in a shift of focus to the needs of our members and others who engage in peri-operative and pain management care in more remote areas and within organizations that are not exclusively paediatric. There is a clear demand for an update meeting. We’re excited to be running the first SPANZA sponsored update meeting in Sydney in March 2015. We extend a warm invitation to our members and other professionals who are involved in the peri-operative care of children.

The update meeting to be held in the first half of the year will compliment our annual scientific meeting held in the latter part of the year. SPANZA’s annual scientific meetings continue to be well supported, stimulating educationally and a great forum to strengthen professional relationships and friendships within our membership.

Since 2004 we have offered sponsorship of an anaesthetist from a lesser-developed nation to attend our annual meeting.

By 2008 we had grown sufficient funds to begin offering a research grant each year.

In 2012 journal watch, which is proving popular with our membership, was started under the stewardship of one of our members, Catherine Olweny. Thank you to the many members who contribute to journal watch.

We continue to explore ways SPANZA can add value to its membership, the children we care for and our wider anaesthetic community.

As a young society incorporated in 2000 and begun in 1998 we continue to grow in numbers but more importantly in vision and enthusiasm. The time and work of the executive, those that sit on committees (research and journal watch) our secretariat (WillOrganise) and those that undertake ad hoc tasks on SPANZA’s behalf allow us as a society to move forward.